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britpop music online from rr on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: r. jones ceo of the ime brand
Location: n/a

I first created MiRadioLive with the intentions of promoting my music next to todays mainstream artist. Being a independent artist in todays industry is harder than any other time in history. Knowing this, I began to expand on this idea to offer a service to independent artist, giving them the opportunity to promote to a worldwide audience, while providing a FM Radio format, with more music hours & no commercials. Join us and support the movement. The revolution will not be televised! It will be globalized!
Favorite Artists

I can relate to his life. Being born to a pro-black single mother. Life in the hood. Outspoken & misjudged.

Pastor Troy
Took down a whole record label by himself.

Jagged Edge
Come on. It's Jagged Edge. 2000's Jodeci

Brandy, Amarie, etc. I love females in R&B.

The Isley Bros.
I got a old soul.

Favorite Albums

2Pac - Me Against The World
Pac's last beef free album.

Lyfe Jennings - Lyfe 268-192
This album help me survive 2005.

Outkast - Aquemini
My favorite album from my favorite rap group.

Trick Daddy - Book of Thugs: Chapter AK verse 47
The hottest out since Pac. The fact he's from Florida (S. Fla. to be frank!) is the icing on the cake!!!!

Jagged Edge - Hard
Again, it's Jagged Edge, duh....