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freeform music online from WiZARD RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: wizardfkap
Location: Kosciusko, MS

Every day we strive to achieve the goal of our station tag line:

Earths' Most Interesting Radio Station

Format free, we play music from every time, every artist, every genre and every style. Music is pop oriented and always upbeat. And we don't ever take ourselves too seriously. Listener suggestions are always welcome.

Favorite Artists

Irene Jackson
Unsigned Singer/Songwriter from Canada. The WIZARD is proud to present dozens of unsigned artists.

Bridging the gap between every genre and style. Modern and classic rock are always available on WIZARD RADIO.

Da Yoopers
Destroying the bridges between every genre and style. Nothing is sacred on WIZARD RADIO.

Mandy Pantinkin
His fine dramatic talents bring great music to life.

Phoebe Cates
And you didn't know she ever recorded a song.... The star of Gremlins and Fast Times at Ridgemont High was a big singing star in Japan. You should listen to WIZARD RADIO. Our play list includes over 1,000 artists, old and new.........

Favorite Albums

Joe Dolce - Shaddup Your Face
Ain't No UFO Gonna Catch my Diesel

The Wizard of Speed and Time - Music From the Movie
Never released. Composer John Massari's and lyricist Mike Jittlov's sountract was never released, but Massari has finally released it himself. See for information.

Don Dorsey - Bachbusters
The very finest rendition of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring every recorded.

Chad and Jeremy - Of Cabbages and Kings
The Progress Suite is an unknown classic of contemporary music. Unavailable today, but it's on our playlist.

Irene Jackson - Undressed
We constantly search for unsigned artists like Irene Jackson and we are proud to feature dozens of new artists on our station.

Favorite Broadcasters

Ears Dont Lie.

Just the Hits!

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