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alternative music online from UnPop4PopPeep 32k ver on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: woodchip33k
Location: South River, NJ

ICQ: 215569
Woodchip's Unpopular Music for Popular People Dial Up Version almost the Same unpopular music as my cable stream but there are differences in some selections.
Favorite Artists

The Fall
After 30 years Mark E Smith is still at it.

iIs there any escape ? from noise?

The Residents
What happens when you and a few of your musician buddies from Lousiana migrate to california and the record company regects your demo tape and sends it back to your apartment address in care of "residents". you Carry them tunes with giant eyeball performance art costumes for 30 years!

Fred Frith
what folk would be if it were exerimental, playfull, and FUN.

Phillip Glass
After seeing the movie Koyaanasqatsi on tv 13 and intrigued by its classic soundtrack. I had to investigate this composer. a movie which ends with the Hopi Indian prophecy. "one day a container of ash will fall from the skies and boil the oceans and scorch the earth"

Favorite Albums
No information provided
Favorite Broadcasters

Dave brought my attention to live 365 for that I am eternally greatfull.. He is an actual DJ at radio Lake Placid NY

my cable or dsl speed version