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DJ: babe t. border collie
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WORD OF DOG is all about What is So between Humans and dogs. After all, we have been walkin'together for over one hundred and fifty thousand years... VISIT our Broadcast PROGRAM PAGE WITH LINKS AT I am a film producer-writer who has spent the last four years on a nonfiction medical memoir about the nefarious adventures of life with a medical service dog that has more on the ball than the one being serviced. Writing a book, especially one in which telling the truth seems to be a major requirement is a daunting challenge for someone like me, who likes to embellish, dramatize, whine, fantasize and otherwise make things up as I go along. That’s what twenty years of working in the film industry will do to you. I have made or collaborated on over forty films and multi media projects, most of which you never heard of, or ever will. My favorite works were multi projector giant screen shows meant for singular events, usually designed to get people to cry and sign checks for that new nanoscience wing or maximum security mental health unit on the back forty. ****This broadcast is supervised and endorsed by Babe T. Border collie.**** To discover more about HER background vsit: or or To learn about US visit: