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DJ: DJ ProFusion
Location: Chicago, IL

YAHOO: worldfusionradio
World Fusion Radio was voted "Best Station to Discover New Music." No independent broadcaster received more votes and I am very grateful and thrilled for the support you all have shown.

Back in 1997 I discovered an incredible new musical movement that I call "World Fusion." It was still in its early stages in Europe and was only just reaching America. I have been lucky enough to have grown with the genre and introduce so many people to so many great artists. I love the music I play and I want to share it with you - that's what I have been doing on radio, Web, and in clubs for six years. Enjoy the music, expand your horizons, and if I can be of any help, please let me know! That's why I am here.

Favorite Broadcasters

World Revoultions: high energy club and dance music also from World Fusion Radio.

Six Degrees label co-founder Bob Duskis hosts a mix of music published by his awesome label.

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