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r&b/urban music online from SoundsofDJTwinkleToes8581 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: wtps fm dj josey mables
Location: Chicago, New York City, Los An,

YAHOO: 8722123871
DJTWINKLE TOES Josey Mable Nuawlinskid Sir Thomas Da Owl Shopping Queen SPECIAL GUEST.... SCORPICORN, ETC. ASSOCIATES with LAMAS Foundation Other Businesses "Bring u the sounds of DJ Twinkle Toes 24/7 and gradual Talk from any location on the scene and special occasions!"
Favorite Artists

Whitney Houston
Most Female Vocalist First Encounter

Patti Labelle
Best Female Singer

Areatha Franklin
Queen of Soul

Chaka Khan
Number generes song by this artist

Entertainer of all time

Favorite Albums

Whitney Hosuton - Saving All My Love
Sold the most

Chaka Khan - Rufus
An artists that has proven to do all genres well

Janet Jackson - Velet Rope/ All for you
Most Favs of all time

Areatha Franklin - I like all of them
An artist that bring her own vision to music so inspirational

Micheal Jackson - Top Performer
Very talented overall artists

Favorite Broadcasters

Sounds of DJTwinkle Toes WTPS FM
Got The Best and Variety Music!

Josey Mables
Lot of spunk and personality

Da Mayor Pierre
Chicago's Musical Mayor

Victoria Kitchen
Fun Foods and good for the soul

Da Owl

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