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electronic/dance music online from DJ WuaKeeN DISCO HINRG on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: wuakeen
Location: Whittier, CA

YAHOO: dj_wuakeen
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This is DJ WuaKeeN coming at you from Los Angeles, California.  If you love DISCO/HINRG/ITALO/FREESTYLE/90s HOUSE you came to the right spot.  Here you can enjoy the music of your youth mixed NON-STOP by yours truly.  Everything from Cerrone to Tapps to LIME, I play.  I even throw in some Fancy, Bobby "O", Alien, Dharma, you know.  You never know what classic tune will be playing until you tune in. Enjoy!

Favorite Artists

Giorgio Moroder
I dig on the sound this guy created for Donna Summer & himself. A genius!

Donna Summer
The Queen of Disco! Nothing more needs to be said!

Awesome HINRG Group with some of the best love lyrics I've heard. Dig on their voices.

A true innovator, all his music kicks!

Awesome Euro artist! This guy delivers.

Favorite Albums

Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity
The lush production, this album sounds a lot better than some of the current stuff out there now. Masterpiece!

Martin Circus - Martin Circus
"Disco Circus" & "Ite Missa Est", 2 of my favorites!

Lime - Lime
"You're My Magician", Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight" "Your Love" "Unexpected Lovers". You should know & love these!

Tapps - Tapps
"My Forbidden Lover" "Burning With Fire" Intense!

Various Artists - A Night At Studio 54
Awesome mixes from the ultimate DISCO Nightclub!

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