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new wave music online from WXXP 100.7 FM  - XX RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
Double X. Ask anyone in Pittsburgh, or any student in school in the late 80's about XX. They know. They'll tell you. It was an alternative station when the country didn't have stations like that on the radio except for in the big cities. The sister station of world famous WLIR - New York. The station that dared to be different. And now it's back on the internet! Listen on the weekends for original archived broadcasts from the 80's, all the original DJ's; Cris Winter, Darrin Smith, deb brady, Garrett Hart, Deej, Paul Cramer, Phil Kirzyc, DJ Bird, Studebaker, Keith Mitchell, Lynn, Dave Reedy, they're all there. XX today; Classic Alternative, New Wave and Punk mixed with new tracks from the classic XX artists. It's a tribute, it's an update, it's a new XX. NOW LISTEN!