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swing music online from The Kingdom of Swing on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: yankaroo
Location: Chidlow, Western Australia,, Australia

The Kingdom of SwingI am a US citizen, married to an Aussie and living in Australia. Hence, the DJ name "Yankaroo". We have two children--a boy aged 17 and a girl aged 14--and live on our 20 acre rural property which borders a state conservation park. The kangaroos from the park graze on our property most nights and can be seen on our webcam, KangarooCam--see "Cool Links"-- live, when possible, but, on tape "rooplay" most of the time.

We are building our "adobe hacienda" in the pueblo/Santa Fe style which we fell in love with when we were living in New Mexico. You can watch it going up on our webcam, AdobeCam, by clicking on it in "Cool Links".

I am originally a "Buckeye" from Lima (pronounced LIE-muh like the bean, not LEE-muh as in Peru), Ohio.
Favorite Artists

Benny Goodman
It makes me happy when I listen to him.

Glen Miller
I guess it's that "sound".

Artie Shaw
Some great "classics".

Les Brown
I'm just rediscovering him.

Ella Fitzgerald
That effortless sounding voice on ballads and the thrill when she scats.

Favorite Albums

Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain
Captures the feeling of Spain as I imagine it to be. Especially in Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez". I plan to find out for myself, someday.

Benny Goodman - 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert
It's a classic. Many of his best with an appreciative audience.

Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Cole Porter Songbook
Ella at her peak and the music of Cole Porter. What more could you ask for. Besides, it's a two record albumn.

Joe Williams - The Best of Joe Williams
A broad selection of his many styles and you also get Sarah Vaughn; Lambert, Hendricks & Ross; Count Basie; plus several other great bands.

Glenn Miller - Limited Edition - Volume 1
Nearly all of the most popular recordings plus many others. I'm cheating again, because this is a five record albumn. However, I could have been greedy and selected "The Complete Glenn Miller Box Set" consisting of 13 CD's.

Favorite Broadcasters

Classics by Nat King Cole, Sinatra, Louis Prima, Satch, Billie Holiday, etc. From "north-of-the-border".

Devoted exclusively to vintage pop and jazz from the decade 1925 - 1935.

Swing and Big Band, with authentic WWII radio excerpts.

European Kaffemusik from 1920's & 1930's Europe

My modern jazz station.

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