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A Trip To The Zoo - Celebrating our fifteenth year of webcasting with new programs and new tracks - C19

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The Kingdom of SwingI am a US citizen, married to an Aussie and living in Australia. Hence, the DJ name "Yankaroo". We have two children--a boy aged 22 and a girl aged 18--and live on our 20 acre rural property which borders a state conservation park. The kangaroos from the park graze on our property most nights and can be seen on our webcam, KangarooCam--see "Cool Links"-- live, when possible, but, on tape "rooplay" most of the time.

We are building our "adobe hacienda" in the pueblo/Santa Fe style which we fell in love with when we were living in New Mexico. You can watch it going up on our webcam, AdobeCam, by clicking on it in "Cool Links".

I am originally a "Buckeye" from Lima (pronounced LIE-muh like the bean, not LEE-muh as in Peru), Ohio.

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OLD TIME RADIO - Radio the way it used to be

To celebrate our 10th year of Kingdom Of Swing on Live365, we've added new tracks and new features.

Remember the way we danced in our living rooms or listened on our car radios to Swing Band 'live' remotes and studio broadcasts in the 30s, 40s & 50s? They're back for one hour, four times each day.

We've also added Music With A Theme, such as: South Of The Border & Strictly Instrumental.

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Watch us build our adobe hacienda.

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Watch the kangaroos in our backyard

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