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New age, ambient, environmental (nature sounds), celtic, easy listening, world fusion. A excellent blend of sound and music to relax body and spirit.

About Yimago Radio

We offer 4 thematic radio stations: Radio 1: 90s country music Radio 2: Hawaiian and music Radio 3: The greatest hits of the last 40 years Radio 4: New age music

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Welcome to Yimago Radio 4
We are the radio station that permits you to escape the daily routine and be tansported to a relaxing state of mind. Peaceful and relaxing, quiet and soothing, we are offering to you our unique mix of new age, nature, ethnic fusion and ambient music. If you like our station tell your friends and like us on Facebook. Enjoy the music!
We play new age, ambient and relaxation music including nature sounds, many from the excellent Dan Gibson's Solitudes series. We also play a few more energetic contemporaty instrumental pieces by renowned artists like Yanni and James Patrick Dunne. Finally, even though the majority of our programming is instrumental in nature, we present once in a while entrancing songs by new age / ethnic fusion artists like Loreena McKennit.
Our music, songs and nature sounds are the perfect environment to use as an aid to meditation, prayer and all things spiritual; an atmospheric companion to massage, and other spa acitivies; a calming background for studying or the workplace; or a relaxing soundtrack for a romantic evening. The content of our playlist is specifically designed to keep you relaxed and in the zone of a meditative and blissful mood.
This radio broadcast is a labor of love but it does cost a lot of money to pay for acquiring the music, streaming and royalties. A little help from our listeners is always appreciated by becoming a Live365 VIP member. The station operates on a non-for-profit basis. All monies raised are going into the broadcast. Thank you!

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