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80s music online from PLANET ZEB! ♫ on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: zebby
Location: Raleigh/Durham, NC

YAHOO: zebradio
Hi! I'm Zebby Rhoads, the person behind PLANET ZEB on Live365! I bring close to 20 years of commercial radio experience-- as an announcer, program director, promotions director and music director-- to the effort, so I'm using everything I've learned over the years from some of America's most notable programmers to make YOUR PLANET ZEB experience more enjoyable ALL the time! I'm also Moderator of the Live365 Broadcasters Forum, so I hope to see you and your comments in that message board regularly! :)

For more background on me... or PLANET ZEB... visit the website: today! While you're there, be sure to fill our our listener survey and drop an email this way telling me what you think of the station, wouldja? :)

Favorite Albums

Pat Benatar - In the Heat of the Night
Probably the best debut album from any new act (circa 1980, in Pat's case) that ever was... every track's a gem!

Bad Company - Desolation Angels
Just my humble opinion here, but the best rock album ever recorded. Tight production, great songs, and Paul Rodgers is one of the most soulful white guys on the planet. :)

Pink Floyd - The Wall
C'mon-- this should be in EVERYONE'S library...!

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
well, if I *were* stranded on an island, I'd certainly want the greatest SINGLE ever released, which is "Kashmir!" Soulful, rocking, hard, soft... this album's got it all.

Wierd Al Yankovic - In 3-D
Again, assuming I were stuck on a desert island... well, SOMEONE'S got to provide the comic relief, right?! A great album, and Al's breakthrough effort.

Favorite Broadcasters

a little well-done new age-type stuff for when you need to mellow out. :)

there are lots of poseurs in the Blues category, but this is definitely not one of them!

DCA (Washington) air traffic channel- this is what specialty radio is all about!

Now THIS is an interesting alternative... from a true GIANT among...errr.. chicken jugglers...!

RisMix Live! Great folk music, from a truly great broadcaster (and a pretty nice guy)!

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