DJ Profile
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DJ: Zen823
Location: Rancho Belago, CA

I got into dee-jaying around 1979 after surrounding myself in the New York underground music scene. After witnessing what would later become a cultural evolution called Hip Hop, I started spinning records at house parties. Relocating to LA I quickly immersed myself in the underground club-mixing scene. After a good hard listen I determined mixing records was not my thing, yet I did have skills as a music programmer. I decided to focus more on selecting music, opposed to trying to mix it. After years in recording engineering schools, I began working as a live engineer doing mostly live bands in clubs & music videos. With a wide rang of musical tastes; I feel that most of the artists receiving airplay on commercial radio are unappreciative of the airplay & the awards that usually accompany heavy rotated music over the airwaves. The focal point of my station is to attempt having a wide assortment of music heard by a large amount of people with an ear and appreciation of music, and support the underground artist as well as the “true musically talented artists” that do not receive airplay. 音乐时髦
Favorite Artists

Stanley Clarke
The master of all things Bass.

Cinematic Orchestra
A Jazz band and orchestra with electronic instruments!

Live instruments and great song writing.

Electronic and live instruments mixed in magnificent style.

Pat Metheny Group
Innovation and musicianship.

Favorite Broadcasters

Tijohn/Tomorrow Jazz
He plays the best of the Good, the funky & the jazzy.