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Easy listening music sprinkled with short talks on the subject of peace as a real possibility that every human being deserves.

About we're a team.

7BR (7 Billion reasons for Peace) is the initiative of a small group of people who believe that peace is possible. So, we started on a journey to reach out to listeners around the world who also want to live in a peaceful world. To this end we play music to delight the ear sprinkled with talks by Prem Rawat whose message of peace is engaging, often humourous, always practical, always down to earth. His words encourage reflection and trigger curiosity. Prem's talks, other occasional guests, selected poems and quotes are the perfect combination to delight the heart of our listeners. Please join us on this journey. Travel with us on this one humble road towards a more peaceful planet.

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There are 7 Billion Reasons for Peace and you are one of them. 7BR, the radio internet that combines pleasant music and inspiring words on the subject of peace as a real possibility for every human being. For more information and some really cool links, visit www.heartentertainment.org.