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Music that sounds much like scotch tastes


PROXY is G. Todd Buker, international playboy and unlicensed private investigator. A former member of the Department of Homeland Security (although their records won't show it), Buker has spent years researching electronic music and its effect on the populace. An outspoken activist for instrumental music, he has hosted The Gemini Lounge on FM radio and worked to perfect his own blend of sampled and recording music that can be found at Onslo Coolgardie is the producer, but don't mention that to anyone.

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Does the music you listen to put you at ease? Does it readily mix with drinking, smoking, and getting your proverbial "groove on?" If you're tired of angsty, confusing lyrical mumbo-jumbo or just want a break from the egocentricism of singer-songwriters, click over to The Gemini Lounge. And mix gin in your martini.