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REMEMBER WHEN LISTENING TO GIVE ME A SHOUT OUT. I am loving the spiritual journey I am on providing "God music" on live365. I would love to hear from you form outside the USA to learn about Christian music in your countries. Please send me ideas and suggestions. Check out my facebook page Adirondack Praise Network. I am new to LIVE365 but not to broadcasting. I have dozens of listeners from America and others as far away as Japan and Africa that have been listening. Some Canadian neighbors have logged on and I reminded them that (WE MEAN YOU NO HARM) Because we broadcast to the Northeast part of the USA in New England on traditional radio stations the internet provides us with a new potential audience that is unlimited. It is very cool to have people from other countries listening to the music. VERY COOL! The majority of hours logged currently is coming mostly from NY and that is great because we feel that should be our target audience. However this venue gives us a huge foot print around the world. I have been in Christian broadcasting since the 80's. I am still young at heart in my music taste though. My first radio gig was at WJIV Cherry Valley. The station at the time was being sold by Pat Robertson to Floyd and Nancy Dykeman. WJIV had a teaching format including Bible teachers like Charles Stanley , RW Shambock, Jerry Falwell, plus a show Sharetime hosted by Floyd and Nancy . In 1991 I consulted Nelson Soggs at a start up station WVVC 100.7fm which is currently a KLOVE station. I currently work for Northeast Gospel Broadcasting Inc. aired in the Capitol region of New York, and also heard at www.wngn.org and on WNGG and soon the new WVVC 88.5FM in Dolgeville N.Y. I really enjoy my time on "Adirondack Praise" because friends from all of the USA can listen, including the artist I play on the air. Some I have had in concert at Revive Festival like Clay Crosse, Pam Thum, Bob Carlisle, Lenny Le Blanc, Jill Philips,Natalie Grant. Some I have brought into the Mohawk Valley in the 90's through WVVC 100.7FM at the Capitol Theatre in Rome. They include Avalon, Jennifer Knapp, Crystal Lewis,Rebecca St James. I even have a friend who is a missionary who has tuned in from Africa. My future plans are to do phone interview with artist and guest from around the world through the phone and mp3 files they send me. After I have made sure I offer the best Christian music in the world I will move on to adding local weather , national weather, short inspirational feature (1-2 minutes). I AM READY TO SEE WHAT GOD CAN DO THROUGH THIS FORM OF COMMUNICATIONS) I am only at the beginning of this venture and look forward to watch the ministry grow.

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Welcome to this home of worship where we are made one family through our response to Jesus and what he accomplished. Those that follow his teachings will always be challenged by his words found in the Bible. The physical distance we may have between our States, Countries,and Borders is broken down by the unity we have through the miracle on the Cross. There is no more powerful name on Earth. whisper, sing, and shout his name often while joining in the praise on this little blue and green world..one of God's favorite marble in the Universe.