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I play mostly Black Metal, Death Metal, Grind. and a few Trash Viking Metal >4 days long's playlist ! Seeking airplay ? For Labels ? Groups ? Requests ? email me at conrad76@live.fr

About albat

Hi all \m/ !!!

I'm listening to Extreme Metal since I'm 19 years old, now I'm 34.

I began listening to Extreme Metal a strange way :
I was seeking for a radio station at my university and I've felt into a Black Metal broadcast over Radio Boomerang (a french radio, I'm french) and then I've recorded my first group on a tape.

I love Extreme Metal but I listen also other types of musics.
A Taste of Apocalypse has got more than 4 days of music in 128K CD quality MP3
It plays Black Metal, Death Metal, and few Grind and strong Vinking and Power Metal.

You are seeking airplay ?
--> Contact me at Conrad76@live.fr and I may add you to the playlist... it has already happened to a lot of groups :-)

A last thing : if you are a Label owner I'm very interested :-)

Enjoy your stay !!!


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Hail !!!

Extreme Metal Sounds is avaible in 128K CD Quality

I began this radio in mid 2005. Progressively it has grown up.

Here is the Website of the Radio : http://mathiask.free.fr/mp3e.htm

Really, if you would like some bands to be played on the radio, email me and I'll check for them, and maybe play them.
Maybe you are a member of a group and want to be played on the radio. Email me at Conrad76@live.fr and if I like what you do, you will have airplay for sure...

If you own a label I can help you if you want
(I speak english & french).

Enjoy your stay !