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I am a writer based in the south of Germany. I have been collecting Ambient music for over 20 years now, since I once bought a CD by an outfit called O Yuki Conjugate. Today this band is of course a central pillar of Ambient music, but back then I was impressed by the strangeness and originality of the music and this unique atmosphere that you can't create within the confines of Rock'n'Roll music.

You will not be happy here if you keep waiting for the next hookline or a traditional 4 minutes format. But if you like to become a part of the acoustic flow and drift along on a timeless unpredictable wave - this might be your ticket.

I try to devise "Silent Hive" not only as a typical internet radio playlist but will enrich it with additional sources of sound material - original atmospheric recordings done in very empty and very crowded places. Ambient is about a feeling of space and time though a merely acoustic channel.

So I hope I can quirk your eyebrow from time to time as much as I like to give your thoughts an invisible canvas for landscapes.

And finally: you will not find here much of the typical New Age sound pollution that some people also call "ambient" but which has more or less nothing to do with any real ambient concept.

So are you ready for the experiment? Take your pill.