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Nonstop rhythms and atmosphere coming at you in the mix on Radio AG.

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The Allied Heights Soundsystem is the one of the central crews on the Allied Heights scene, from which Radio AG sprang in the first place. The collective includes DJs, producers, artists, MCs, designers and others centering around the gambit of the Heights and of course the Radio AG transmissions. On the air or in the club, the soundsystem represents for the Allied Heights experience. Most of the DJs found on this page are part of this Soundsystem, as well as many others who are not listed but play a crucial role in the scene and whose influence can be felt.

The Soundsystem holds it down Friday Nights for the Live Transmission Party, when various members of the crew and friends kick back in the Radio AG studio and put on a four hour show of non-stop music. The vibe varies from week to week as does the guest list and the headliners, but it's always AG and it's always the Allied Heights Soundsystem. Sometimes Slye is on the decks with Snakes toasting on the mic while others it's the Yellow Emperor on the decks with Gryphon on the mic and Scoops handling visual content. Each Deejay brings their own unique style to the affair, shifting and sliding the night in a series of various but unopposing directions (sometimes all at once).

Whether on the air or in the club, the Allied Heights Soundsystem will stoke the vibe and fuel the fire, piping the AG experience through the internet to wherever you are.

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Welcome to Radio AG

Radio AG is an underground music broadcast station operating out of Allied Heights in San Diego. This station was built by a crew of like-minded DJs, MCs, producers, artists and visionaries, the Allied Heights Soundsystem, with the aim of amplifying a vibe that had been dormant on the local musical landscape and putting some guessing back into the music game.

The Radio AG Experience

At this point the central event is the Live Transmission Party, which is essentially a party in the Radio AG studio, a free for all event where members of the crew and friends pull out some records and throw down on the decks while others get on the mic and toast, generating that vibe that you can only find in the Heights. Not zeroing in on any one sound, the Live Transmission Part instead trades in vibes, creating a musical trip with a careening charm and a selection of tracks veering from but not excluding the standard sound of the FM hegemony.

Other shows have materialized (and will continue to materialize) as the project continues to expand, and are eventually projected to encompass a 24-hour/7-days-a-week programming schedule. For the time being, Radio AG presents at least one show for every night of the week, each with its own unique vibe and set of musical parameters conjured by the djs in question.

The music featured on Radio AG is a combination of music actually from the Allied Heights scene (both past and present) and music from elsewhere that has been a part of the AG experience (either deeply influential or burning up dancefloors and rooms across the neighborhood). Or both, for that matter. Techno, Industrial, Groove, Funk, Jungle, Electro, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Alternative, Reggae, Disco, Tropicalia, Folk, Ambient, Juju, Classical, House, Trip Hop, Dub, Soul, Rock 'n Roll and of course the Tronik Rhythims of the Heights itself all have a place in the sonic soiree that is Radio AG... These sounds and others are the components that the Allied Heights scene was built on.

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