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Soothing Melodies by Pianist, Composer and Arranger Al Semas. Join Thousands of other listeners and stay tuned to hear new songs as they are first released.

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NEW ALBUM "WWW.SOOTHINGMELODIES.COM" FOR DETAILS. Thank you for listening. All of the music you hear on this radio station was written and performed by me. I have 2 CD's out, "A World Beyond" and the newest "Soothing Melodies" both available at,, iTunes, and various other places for download or CD. Thanks again to all of my supporters and fans whom I love to hear from. You can write me at Al Semas - Songwriter, Pianist, Music Producer

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Thank you, Fans. Please join Live365 and become a VIP for easy listening with no interruption. It costs less than a cup of coffee a week. I have hundreds of hours into creating this music and setting up this station. When you join live365, I receive royalties every time the station is played. My music soothes babies, calms animals and relieves stress. My CD's 'A World Beyond' and 'Soothing Melodies' are available for purchase or download at most any online store or any music download service such as iTunes etc. Thanks again to all of my supporters and fans. Al Semas, SOOTHING MELODIES