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This hour we spotlight the 1980s. If it was a hit in the 80s, you will hear it here. Based on the weekly charts from that era, this is our exhaustive ranking of the Top 1000 Songs of the 1980s. All debate can be put to rest. This is The Final Countdown.

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The Final Countdown is a retrospective review of popular music in America during the rock era of the 20th century. Our countdown is compiled using chart data that has been exhaustively analyzed and is presented as the most accurate historical determination of the era’s biggest hits. This month the spotlight falls on the 1980s. Based on the week to week charts from that era, this is our exclusive ranking of the Top 1000 Songs of the 1980s.

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The 1990's were a watershed moment for popular music in the U.S. The nation was rocked by the introduction of the grunge scene, the explosion of rap and the resurgence of a new country sound. With such divergent musical stylings, more and more listeners flocked to stations playing their kind of music to the exclusion of other types and the popularity of top 40 radio, the mainstay of American music for decades, waned. Radio stations that traditionally played the most popular songs in America and helped flourish the top 40 music scene splintered. They feared if they played a popular song of one genre it might alienate the fans of another genre. As a result no station in America played a countdown of the nation’s 40 most popular songs…until now.

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From Michael Bolton to Public Enemy, from Garth Brooks to Nirvana, you’ll never hear such a wide assortment of 1990s hits on one radio station. Check out how your favorite songs stack up against other classics from that era as we count down America’s Most Popular Songs each week during the 1990s.


This week we bring back the 40 biggest hits for the week ending December 19th, 1992, an archival countdown that features three debuts. Last week, Boyz II Men tied the modern chart era record for highest debut in the top 40 when they entered the survey all the way up at #3 with their remake of "In The Still Of The Nite (I'll Remember)". Will they be able to knock off Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" which has been at #1 for the last three weeks? Find out as we count down the top 40 songs in America exactly 22 years ago this Friday at 8PM EST with a repeat broadcast every Monday at 8PM EST.