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Hard rock hallejulia with Uzbeki Girl, Gabbler, Umar, Ginkle, Aha and Zappa. Blow your retrospective speakers! 120 mins

About Amplevoice

AMPLEVOICE is the soldered-solid sound of extreme audio theatre. Please check out our new schedule!* (See bottom for more details). Here we present only some of what we love to do. We script, we record, we do it all again, living on chutney sandwiches and 5-inch pizza in a basement in Ireland working on the studio tan for the last 300 moon cycles or so. Adrian and Tony drag you to our last - SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY - it’s closing down, we’re all on food stamps, at Looseholes Nightclub in Hashford. You’ll grind your ears to the Jibbler, lovely Linda and Gerry Dixon’s Farcebox with special music from Pat Shaughnessy. We travel to 1922 and meet a naked mysterious man clutching a lunchbox to his ear. There’s been a murder and attorney-at-law Tomathy Wilson fancies himself to sew it all up. Until he sees a man with said lunchbox now wearing Tomathy's best suit at the scene of the crime. Things then begin to quickly unravel as we enter the doors of - MENTAL HOLMES - . We register at University College Loughfeg State and its new intake of strange brood. Floyd and Accursis argue over the threat of discovering their cruel plan to entrap their sociopathic professor Tash as they aim to present a new found-friend Brian with what he’s been waiting so long for… It’s - UCLS I - and we deflower their virgin year. 25 years in the business, Adrian and Tony flash us their SILVERBACK, a FRIDAY ROCK SHOW anniversary special. Showcasing a quarter of a century’s advancing idiocy with an outcast of unwell wishers and letter-mad loyal listeners. We jump aboard a gentle pan-European train trip culminating in the Munich train station of 1923. Everything here is inflated: bread, beer and egos. Aubrey and Tomathy are taking rest and relaxation but there’s a slight problem with the local German translation. It’s only the beginning of the experiment which putsches them from beerhall to prison to operating table - MENTAL HOLMES II - Bring Me the Monkey! Adrian and Tony get sent to the NORTH POLE by management to broadcast their highly overrated yet frustratingly popular rock show. They huddle in the Rock Igloo to warm up the tube! Then - if you go down to the woods today, you might witness men-with-no-feet. A college trip takes a bad turn to overnight in a cabin in the heart of Bunsen-land. Concobhar, Cornelius and Silas are waiting for you. You'd better bring your medicine and GPS. Floyd, Accursis, Bubbles and Dick are back. In - UCLS TOE - Mind your feet on the floorboards now. There's one of our several 4 hour sci-fi epics. It's - UNITED MUTATIONS - 12 years on from first contact gone wrong, Baldy Kendall has been snatched by the Soupalon. Busher’s cat Ginger has escaped and climbed aboard their departing orb. Busher hates Baldy but he loves Ginger. Meanwhile in a forest and still undetected; two aliens left behind 12 years ago try to survive. Busher knows that sci-fi fanboy Gabbler will help him find his cat. Tucker and Arlee spot a sign through Tuck’s new Tesco telescope and Jagga has gone herbal and can’t quite hear straight. This band of five fair-weather friends must work for each other and against mother-nature; a quest for Ginger that will take them out of their world and to the savage garden of truth. AMPLEVOICE provides over 100 characters of many guises in a cornucopia of capers to usher forth hot perceptual disturbance for your ears. WELCOME TO THE NONSENSE! *Please note, scheduled shows begin at the time specified AS SOON AS the preceding track has finished; a track from the previous show's running order that has looped around, having already completed the show's run in this block. The time left varies at the end of each scheduled block for this to occur. So don't worry if it seems the new scheduled show is starting a little late and cutting into the previous show. It's normal. Check out the schedule to catch everything from the start, across the whole week!