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1920s and 1930s Jazz and Pop guaranteed to wake up the mind and make it smile. Music that shimmers with wit and levity and beats with the pulse of life. Updated weekly! Playlists at http://radiolablog.blogspot.com
DJ: andy senior
Location: Utica, NY

Created: Jul 8, 05
Updated: Apr 9, 14

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Broadcaster Comments
The music of the 1920s and 1930s has a lightness and a vitality totally lacking in other musical realms. Also, it could be sophisticated, smart, and funny. It is not the over-processed, demographically-targeted pop of later years. It was all in one take, all on one mike, spontaneous, and totally in the moment. Hence it is still fresh, joyous, and new, even after eight decades.

Playlists and original broadcast dates for each program may be found at my Radiola! blog.

This station now streams at 56kpbs for better sound quality. As always, new shows will be added each week as they are published.

CALLING IN WELL This RADIOLA! is just fine, thank you.

BETTER THAN EXPECTED This RADIOLA! is a distinct improvement over itself.

ALL OVER THE MAP This RADIOLA! is drifting over its own boundaries.

MY TROUBLES ARE OVER This RADIOLA! rerun (from September 12, 2008) expresses an uncharacteristic mood of joy and relief.

SURVEILLANCE A classic (?) RADIOLA! (originally broadcast September 26, 2008) garnished with a sprig of paranoia.

SHELLAC SURPRISE This RADIOLA! (from November 14, 2008) astonishes one with how noisy these transfers are compared to my new ones.

MORE SHELLAC SURPRISES This RADIOLA! (from November 21, 2008) proffers more records in all their unrestored, non-pitch corrected, crunchy glory.

THE MALE ANIMAL This RADIOLA! (broadcast February 27, 2009) is an unflinching musical safari among the male humans that prowl the asphalt plain.

COMMERCE This RADIOLA! is way past its sell-by date (of March 6, 2009).

VARIETY STOMP This RADIOLA! (from March 13, 2009) is a reheated potluck meal that still manages to satisfy.

Requests? Recommendations? Listeners are welcome to drop me a line.

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