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1920s and 1930s Jazz and Pop guaranteed to wake up the mind and make it smile. Music that shimmers with wit and levity and beats with the pulse of life. Updated weekly! Playlists at

About Andy Senior

I have been a fan of early 20th century music as long as I can remember. Consequently, over the past 40+ years I have amassed a huge trove of pre-1940 recordings which I transfer and restore to create each week's edition of Radiola.

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The music of the 1920s and 1930s has a lightness and a vitality totally lacking in other musical realms. Also, it could be sophisticated, smart, and funny. It is not the over-processed, demographically-targeted pop of later years. It was all in one take, all on one mike, spontaneous, and totally in the moment. Hence it is still fresh, joyous, and new, even after eight decades. Playlists and original broadcast dates for each program may be found at my Radiola! blog.

UNDERTHROW This RADIOLA! is hardly revolting at all.

PHONING FROM THE OFFICE This RADIOLA! puts you on hold, but with better music.

SPARE THE PROD This RADIOLA! requires neither a carrot nor a stick.

SEASONALLY DIMMER This RADIOLA! is moving away from the light.

WE CAN DOOM IT! This RADIOLA! contemplates feckless hubris and the romance of (self?) destruction.

UNEXCUSED PRESENCE This RADIOLA! hasn't got a note.

MOVE OR DIE This RADIOLA! asserts that motion is better than its alternative.

LISTEN TO THE HOT This RADIOLA! detects some sizzling, despite the season.

SHELLAC HAPPENS RADIOLA! is inevitable except when it's not.

CALM ODDITIES This RADIOLA! is keeping its hands in its pockets on Slack Friday.