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The folks behind the RC Radio Network are a bunch of Radio control airplane pilots and car and truck drivers who love music and want to help our RC community. While there are a couple of companies out there doing occasional pod cast no one is doing live music 24 hours a day. Music makes us feel good and helps our work days go by faster and while the music is an important part of our programming it is only the start. The RC Radio Network also features fun and educational programming. Once a week or so (sign up for our newsletter for show time announcements) we will feature programming to help you improve your hobby. Imaging learning about the latest products and services on the market via independent reviews and in depth examples. We will also feature informative guest from throughout the industry and we will be doing it all live. A live broadcast is exciting, it is dynamic and you are invited to be part of the action. You can interact with our show guest because our shows feature live text chat, listener call in capabilities and even live video feeds direct from the studio. For more information about the RC Radio Network drop us a line or visit our online forum, we want your feedback and ideas to continue to improve our programming. RC Radio network is headed up by Mr. Cliff Whitney who serves as the managing director and financier of the company. Cliff is not new to the hobby industry and in fact has been involved in the industry for many years. Cliff is an avid RC pilot and when not enjoying his 20% Electric Curtis Jenny can be found flying his Full size Sailplane, Ultralite Sailplane, or Full Size Citabria Mr. Whitney has more than 30 years of senior management experience in the wholesale, retail, on-line and manufacturing business and has a proven record of leadership and success. He remains innovative and self-directed, with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Mr. Whitney likes to say that his success is due to surrounding himself with talented, successful people who want to become friends, work hard and win! Mr. Whitney is the founder of Mercury Adhesives, AtlantaHobby.com, Sierra-Ridge wholesale, Whitneys Web Works and has served as a board member, guest lecturer and consultant to many corporations around the world. He was the President, Chief Operating and Chief Information Officer for WolfXpress.com and WolfCamera.com. More about Mr. Whitney can be found at CliffWhitney.com and he can be contacted directly at cliffw@rcradionetwork.com.