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About the Station

BC Radio featuring Jack Holland and The Voice of The Cadets , Kevin Sheehan. You are listening to BC Football.

About Robert Fritts '79

In the fall of 2006, a few of us were at a BCAA meeting when the topic of having the BC football games return to the airwaves. After a few phone calls, we discovered that broadcast stations(regular FM or AM stations) were just not interested in hosting high school football games in the Savannah area. As a technical manager, I volunteered to figure out how to make internet broadcasting work for us at BC. With some generous start-up money from OC Welch, a data card from Alltel and some funding from the BCAA to buy a computer and other equipment we launched BC Internet Radio. That first season was a hit! We averaged nearly 150 listeners per broadcast and had a peak broadcast of nearly 350. Today our average is nearly 250 listeners and have peaks as high as 450. We have had some great on air talent that makes it interesting to listen. Our on-air talent has included Pat Rossiter, Kevin Sheehan, Jack Holland, Mike Scott, Goro Welch and Joseph Brennan. All of our hosts are ole Men from BC, which has made keeping the show a real BC family effort. Sponsors included OC Welch and Alltel but also Southeastern Orthopedic and even Mitchell Bush who helped the radio show make the State Playoff game by chartering an aircraft all the way to Cairo Georgia. We hope that you will enjoy our radio show and encourage you to sponsor the show with any sized gift. Your donations are needed to help fund equipment, monthly broadcast fees and other expenses that are incurred. Thank you and enjoy the broadcast.