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Classic Power Pop, New Wave and Melodic College Post-Modern Alternative Pop-Rock of the Seventies and Eighties! Now streaming in Mp3pro 32k Stereo!

About Billy G.

Im a former radio DJ with over 17 years of on-air experience with a huge CD, LP, and 45 collection. I started collecting records when I was 4 and havent stopped buying music yet.

I started my first Live365 station "Jangle Radio" in December 1999 and have had a lot of fun programming my own radio stations without the nonsense, compromises and restrictions from penny pinching station owners and corportions, bossy program directors who know it all, overrated-overpaid radio consultants, and younger (naive) DJ's who think MTV invented Rock and Roll. (Yeah, I have been through everything that can go right and wrong in this business!)

I sincerely hope you have fun listening to my stations. Feel free to drop me a line for requests , dontations to pay the bills and other information!

Billy G. jangleradio@ya(edit this out)hoo.com

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Jangle Radio Plays the greatest Power Pop, Melodic Rock and Bubblegum rarities and favorites from the seventies and eighties! Now in 32kbps Mp3pro Stereo!