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This station is currently not available.

About the Station

Jangle Radio & Spectropop.com present All Girl Groups, Pop, Motown, Northern Soul & R&B femme rarities and faves from the 1960's!

About BillyG

I'm a former Radio DJ with over 17 years of on-air experience and a (too big) CD and LP Collection. I have been a fan of Power Pop since the 1970's growing up on artists like the Raspberries, The Dwight Twilley Band, Cheap Trick and Shoes.

Later I started "getting into" 60's girl groups, soft pop and garage bands because I was so tired of the direction modern music has gone. The 60's had so much great music that oldies radio has forgotten about and will never play. So this station was started for all the people who love the classic sound of Girl Groups.

I started my Live365 stations for fun and to see if I could get anyone to listen. Now I have had listeners from all over the world and my station's website has had over 2500 hits. Not bad for something I started up in a small town bedroom in East Texas!

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Broadcaster Comments
*****PLEASE READ******

Because of Money and Health problems, I have been forced to shut down 2 of my stations.

By the end of January "GIRLPOP" Radio will no longer be streaming here on Live365.

60's Jangle Radio and 70's/80's Jangle Radio will still be online here. So if you love those stations don't worry. They will still be online and Rockin!

I really hate to do this but I have had little support from musicians and listeners over the past 6 years, and I have had to fund the stations and buy CD's to keep the music fresh.

Please DO NOT e-mail me and chew me out for doing this - you will be immediately dumped into my spam box.

And if you're looking for a rare oldie you can't live without, go find it yourself like I did.

Use Google/Yahoo searches, E-Bay, Spectropop.com and Amazon.com.

Again, I'm really sorry for doing this but I have no other choice.

Thanks for listening!