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Playing an eclectic mix of tracks from the last several decades, all on glorious vinyl. Just as music should be.

About Bruce

Bruce David Janu's first feature documentary, Facing Sudan, hit the festival circuit in 2007 and garnered two best documentary awards. In 2008, he released a follow-up entitled, Crayons and Paper, which is currently showing on the Documentary Channel.

As a teacher by trade, he has written several books and has published articles for Illinois History Teacher.

Currently, he is working on his first novel, Lilac Wine. He also runs a blog documenting his struggle with Crohn's disease. That blog is entitled "41 Pills a Day."

Back in 2010, Janu began going through the boxes that contained his record collection. He hadn't opened them in years. He fixed a turntable and rediscovered his love of vinyl. Going through the collection, he was struck by the amount of K-Tel records he had. That's when the idea hit to start a radio station. And Vinyl Voyage was born.

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The Music

Welcome to The Vinyl Voyage, a radio station devoted to playing original songs on original vinyl. We offer an eclectic mix of tunes from the 1960s through the 1980s.

So grab a bean bag, turn down the lights and prepare to be transported to another time.

On the Vinyl Voyage, you can hear a wide variety of music---from classic rock to pop, from country to new wave, we've got it all. And all of it on glorious vinyl. Artists you might hear:

*Beatles*The Rolling Stones*Neil Diamond*The Police*Sonny and Cher*Pat Benatar*Fleetwood Mac*Jefferson Airplane*U2*Journey*Styx*Rush*The Clash*The Cure*Kiss*Led Zeppelin*John Denver*Linda Rondstadt*Cat Stevens*Duran Duran*The Go-Gos*Shooting Star*The Beach Boys*Aerosmith*The Who*The Buckinghams*Queen*Crosby, Stills and Nash*The Hollies*Olivia Newton-John*Elton John*John Mellencamp*Over the Rhine*Bruce Springsteen* and many, many more.

K-Tel and Adventures in Vinyl

This station got its start with an idea: to play old K-Tel albums. K-Tel holds a unique place in the history of pop culture and The Vinyl Voyage celebrates that spirit with a monthly radio program called "Adventures in Vinyl."

Hosted by Bruce David Janu, this radio program highlights a single K-Tel album, streamed in its entirety. The K-Tel albums in Janu's collection span a couple of decades, the earliest from 1972. "Adventures in Vinyl" brings us back to a by-gone era when music was accompanied by hiss and pops. Only now, you don't need to get up to flip the record. We'll do it for you.

Although music streams 24/7 on The Vinyl Voyage, "The Adventures in Vinyl Radio Show" airs on Saturday mornings, 11 AM (central) and Sunday 4pm (Central). A new album will be featured every month. For the full schedule, click here.

Manic Mondays and Funky, Feel Good Fridays

Vinyl Voyage radio celebrates the decades twice a week. On Mondays, we feature "Manic Mondays," a collection of music that span the 80s---from hair bands to new wave. Plus, we punctuate the music with movie clips, news breaks and tv promos, all from the 80s. Relive the nostalgia, every Monday from 6 am- 6 pm (central)

Join us on a nostalgic trip to the 70s with "Funky, Feel Good Fridays" on Vinyl Voyage. Nothing but 70s music, all day long. Plus, movie clips, news broadcasts and tv promos all from the 70s.