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Entertaining the world with the best music ever recorded. Hear Alternative to Metal to Oldies to Rock and everything in and around every genre. It's a musical journey for those with discriminating ears. PLAY IT LOUD!!!

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I am an ex radio broadcaster. I have been interested in music since I was a kid. Now, I have a venue to share my musical tastes with you and if I like what you hear and I am sure you will indulge your passion with me and boogie baby.

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A potpourri of music genres for the enjoyment of the masses. BlastFM is a venue for the connoisseur of fine music. Hear songs you remember, songs you hear for the first time and songs only played here. If a song sounds like it belongs to the ages then you will hear it here. Not just a radio station, BlastFM is a musical experience. Listen to the best of the best and enjoy. Here's to fine music everywhere and to those who created it! PLAY IT LOUD!!! Follow us on Facebook