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Classic Rock, Pop & Standards with a Top 40 Spin. Brought to you by Boomer Life Media. A New York based production company that produces radio and television programming for Baby Boomers. Check out our web site

About Boomer Life Media

In a recent interview Bryan Durr, Founder of Boomer Life Media, mentioned that one of the goals was to create and publish online content that will stream 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He went on to add “While much of the content currently aimed at Boomers available online is about health and lifestyle issues, we want to be the fun place that people turn towards when they want to be entertained.” Between 1987 and 1991 Bryan produced and hosted the Bryan Durr / Mike Michaels Show heard on WNYE 91.5 FM in New York City. Being completely free of charts and demographic studies, it was there that he quickly learned you could drop a Sinatra song into the mix right after a Grateful Dead song and the audience would stick with it. There is a simple reason for that he says; “That was the music that was on in the house and car when I was growing up. It’s my parents music. There was my parents music and there was our music. It gave us a broad exposure to a wide range of styles and sounds. When we got on the air at WNYE we took a chance and spun some standards into the mix one day, and it resonated with our audience on a human and generational level. They loved it when we would come out of a Rolling Stones tune and segue right into a Sammy Davis Jr. hit. It was total “kitsch” but they got what we were doing because it’s how our generation grew up. We had lots of exposure to different sounds, beats and rhythms and you can throw all that into the stew and stir it up. Anyway, the phone lit up so we knew we were on to something and it lasted for four years.” With that past experience in mind, we set out to create and launch Boomer Life Radio. “It’s in its infancy.” Durr said “and while it may resemble nothing more than a jukebox at the moment, there is a ton of development and production going on behind the scenes.” Over the summer of 2011 additions to the station will include programs featuring in-depth interviews with performers and stars who brought us a wide swath of great music, as well as discussions with behind the scenes industry movers and shakers of the radio, television and music industries. Well, it’s a start and we hope you enjoy “Boomer Life Radio”. FOR MORE INFO ABOUT WHO IS BEHIND THIS OPERATION CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE AT