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Rock and Roll, Soul, Hillbilly, & Blues. Tunes to Play Strip Wiffle Ball To .......

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Bubba Snopes, man on the lam, programs KBUB from his various hideouts in the foothills of the Chilean Andes where he buys his continued freedom with bootlegged Peach Schnapps, which locals use to clean drapes and incapacitate the medically indigent. Mr. Snopes was formerly stage director of numerous off-Broadway productions such as, "Get Your Freaking Hand Off My Leg", and " Basketful Of Grime." After fleeing the U.S on charges of illegal dancing outside a laundromat, he settled for a time in Toronto, which he left abruptly after standing next to a Mountie. He now lives the life of the placid country squire, programming his radio station, raising and breeding pygmy alpacas, and writing X-rated travel articles for his elderly landlady. Still, he yearns to return home to his beloved U.S.A. so he can spend time with loved ones and ask them to give back his moustache comb. In the meantime, enjoy Dr. Bub's musical stylings, and please continue sending him the loose change from your boyfriend's pants. He has finally saved up enough to buy an ant farm for his manservant, Bruno.

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KBUB, the brainchild of Bubba Snopes, plays a never-ending variety of rock and roll, hillbilly, rhythm and blues, early jazz, Celtic, and blues music. The only music Bubba will not stream would be polka, and that may change as soon as Germany apologises for deporting Mr. Snopes on charges of impersonating the Kaiser last Oktoberfest. Stay tuned for a myriad of changes soon at KBUB, including instructional programming on delousing Frenchmen, and a how-to show for would-be rodeo clowns. While Mr. Snopes continues his current religious conversion to Tantric Pederasty, his shows will remain static, but later this year, we should look forward to his untimely death. Tune in and no one will disclose those sites you have visited about donkey fondling. Listen to KBUB. Don't make us come over there.