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Celtic, folk rock, Appalachian, Cape Breton, bluegrass, Scottish, Irish, Cajun, singer-songwriter – if it's Celtic or roots music you want – it's right here, on Celtic Roots Radio!

About celtic roots

Celtic folk/rock singer/songwriter and media producer from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Raymond has produced three Celtic albums and maintains more than 20 podcasts, on iTunes, has been a writer and publisher since 1988, (producing 'Bread' magazine for 7 years and also four books – 'Ireland - now the good news!, 1995; 'The Whore and Her Mother', 2011; and 'A Wee Taste a' Craic,' 2011), and 'Oh What Rapture!' – and a radio presenter, (in Belfast), since 1993.

In 2004 he began to get involved in an internet station based in San Francisco. In March 2009, (around St. Patrick's Day!), Raymond's Celtic Roots Radio podcast show, (launched in September 2008), began to really take off - with 300-400 new subscribers each day, from 30 different countries! Raymond had to upgrade his hosting account as the bandwidth quadrupled!

It seemed the right time to launch an actual Celtic Roots Radio station, offering podcast subscribers a regular extension of their listening experience. Adding shows from other podcasters such as Marc Gunn (lately of Texas & Louisiana, now Alabama!); Tomas Kennedy, (Dublin, Ireland); Gerry McCullough, (in Northern Ireland); and Raymond's own 30-min show, have all added to the choice on Celtic Roots Radio.

Now Celtic Roots Radio can be heard on the Eurobird 9 satellite - across Europe, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa - via Radio Eden - also on Intelsat 10 across Asia & Africa and GloryStar in North America/Pacific.

Raymond is currently in post-production of a new 1-hour TV documentary, Broken Treaties, dealing with the links between Ireland/Scotland, first Nations in Manitoba, Canada, and Israel. This documentary will be completed later in 2014, and will hopefully be broadcast in North America, as well as the UK and Ireland. He is also presently converting an old stone barn in the heart of Co. Down into a new home.

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Music till lift yer spirits, like, so it is!

Here's a taste a' music to whet yer appetite -

Celtic, folk, folk/rock, Appalachian, Breton, bluegrass,
Scottish, Irish, Cajun, Cape Breton, singer/songwriter
- if its Celtic, roots or acoustic music you want,
you'll find it right here - on Celtic Roots Radio!


Beanneacht Dia!


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