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Hip Hop en tu idioma :: desde Madrid hasta Santiago, de México a Buenos Aires!

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The vision that we share is a world where our earth and our natural state are being embraced again; where we celebrate and cherish the precious gifts that are bestowed upon us each and every day. Like the deep oceans, or the high mountain cliffs, watching the sunrise over any skyline anywhere in the world, and even the sunset ablaze with radiant colors. We know now that it is possible to once again live in harmony, giving love to each and every one as one big family. No more division, no more illusion that we are any different from each other because of language, borders, or skin color. We reject the world that embraces war or division; why would you need war in a world that encompasses bliss? We believe that in unity we will be able to build our homes and communities together and produce what is needed for a healthy and stable environment. Where all who live there can become an important part of their community and family. Where once again we are not spiritually numb, but open to all of the energy that encompasses our universe. Through this openness we wish to transform both the world around us and our perception of it, so we may fulfill our potential as real human beings with a meaningful existence. We know what we have long felt, that the world we humans have created is fraught with illusion and false ideals; that we are living radically outside of our natural design, we have forgotten many of our instinctive ways. We feel this disconnect is the cause of the collective neurosis that we are suffering from as a species, and as such, what spawns most of our modern "illnesses", both physical and mental. We are realists. We are fully aware of all the work and the long road ahead of us. While we both believe in the power of the human will, we know it's not enough when you want to make things happen. We are ready for the sweat and toil; we have been preparing for this. We know the clock is ticking, and we are both entering this new chapter of our lives fully embracing the opportunity that is laid out before us to put into action and to manifest in concrete terms those things we have been dreaming about for a lifetime. We are embarking on a journey; neither of us knows exactly where it will take us, but we know it's the path of our heart. In concrete terms, what we are looking to do is start up our own tribe. We are heading out to live in virgin country; we don't know where that will be yet, but wherever it is, the two of us will plant stakes in the ground and start building our new world. We will build our own home, grow our own food, generate our own power, tap our own water, and live closer to the way we were designed. Our goal is to create a self-sufficient, sustainable community of people, completely independent of the outside world, but still connected to it. We welcome each and every one of you to come and take our journey with us. -Ivee and Lou, Nov. 15 2011