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A relaxing, therapeutic, and stress reducing form of music and sounds that is often referred to as ambient. We call it 'BRAVE NEW WORLD' music because it utilizes a whole new concept regarding form. Enjoy, relax, star gaze, meditate, or sleep to it.
DJ: Eddie Zee
Location: NYC, NY

Created: Nov 11, 08
Updated: Aug 1, 11

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Broadcaster Comments
Broadcaster Comments
Ambient music, or music of the 'BRAVE NEW WORLD' (as we like to call it), differs from standard music in that it utilizes sound effects (such as the natural sounds of water or birds). There are other differences which include the possible absence of a clear melody line or any distinctive rhythmic elements. The form and structure of these works may also not be as clearly distinguished as they are in most standard music. This is not to say that 'ambient' music cannot have form, structure, melodic and rhythmic elements. There are simply no governing rules regarding how to create this music which is the reason that this may be the next BRAVE NEW 'EVOLVING' form of a classical music. Not anyone can create and produce ambient music that sounds great. It is our contention that one has to know the rules before one can break or make up new rules. That is why the CHROMA RADIO NETWORK would only present ambient music of a certain caliber. We will only present music that meets certain criteria and demonstrates that the creator probably has a good understanding of all of the elements of music even though some of these elements may not be incorporated into a particular work. Ambient music should create or generate a certain 'atmosphere' or state of mind. It is the primary goal of the CHROMA RADIO NETWORK that the music tracks we present on 'CELESTOPIA' have a rejuvenating and therapeutic effect on our listeners. We want you to be able to unwind and relieve the stress of the day by listening to our station. We want you to feel better, live longer, and enjoy your life more as a result of listening to the music we present on 'CELESTOPIA'. Life may have its' ups and downs but it's the way we deal with the downs that makes the difference in the way we feel. The first and foremost step in dealing with the issues of life is to reduce our stress levels to the absolute minimum. We think that 'CELESTOPIA' is a great first step in the reduction of stress and positive thinking. So relax, enjoy the music and sounds while gazing at a starry night, let the music lull you to sleep, or simply listen for the sake of listening to great music. 'CELESTOPIA' is a part of the CHROMA RADIO NETWORK and a sister station of I'm Eddie Zee, DJ 'REALMACAW' of RadioCHROMA, and I invite you to call or write in at any time. Please check out our main website or you may copy and paste our 'CELESTOPIA' page address on to your web search bar: Also, you may simply click the link (icon) above to get you right there. Our toll free telephone number is 866-871-1900 or you may e-mail us at: or click the e-mail link (icon) above. We hope you enjoy this station and if you do, please let us know and tell a friend...Once again, I'm Eddie Zee from the CHROMA RADIO NETWORK.
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