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CJazz, Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz, New Adult Contemporary, whatever you call it, its a style of music that was murdered by commercial radio. It's music that you can listen to while you work, read or play. It's there to relax, not distract. Commercial programmers didn't understand the format. You don't want to hear syrupy vocals, loud guitars or bubble gum covers. Programmers said "we need to mix more adult contemporary into it". "We need more love songs." They diluted it. They played the same tracks again and again until they were tired and worn out. At CJazzChannel.com, we're dedicated to keeping the format alive and fresh. We're constantly adding new tracks and new artists while, at the same time, keeping your favorites close at hand. As the owner and music programmer of CJazzChannel.com, I've programmed this channel the way that I think the format should be - great instrumentals and great vocals that won't constantly be distracting you or forcing you to hide the kids. I am constantly tweaking the mix, adding new, resting old and bringing back the random "gotcha" to keep it interesting. I want to hear your input on the programming. Drop me a line at Brian@CJazzChannel.com with your comments, requests and even advice on what to drop. As we say on the channel, we want CjazzChannel to be your jazz destination. Brian

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CJazzChannel.com is your new favorite place for smooth jazz 24 hours a day. We play the good stuff, not just the popular tracks but also the deep tracks that don't get regular airplay. CJazzChannel.com has the new tracks long before the commercial stations get around to adding them to their "tested" playlists. If it sounds good, we play it. We want to be your favorite location for jazz. Tell us what you like and don't like at gm@cjazzchannel.com.

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