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My name is Becky G. I started as a DJ when I was 20 years old (I'm forty-something going on 25) I refuse to grow up because I believe that when a person grows up, they grow old. I'm a happily divorced mom of five kids, had my first baby at barely 15 years old (All over 18 now, thank goodness!)

I came from a family of loggers, truck drivers, mechanics and mill workers. I'm the baby of five kids. I grew up tagging along behind my brothers working on cars and in the woods logging- so I've never been afraid of getting my hands dirty or greasy.

Teachers told me that I was very intelligent but I hated school when I was growing up and was well known to truancy officers. I had ADHD and OCD before they knew what it was and I couldn't stand setting at a desk all day long.

My first job as a DJ was on KGEZ in Kalispell, MT when I was 20 years old. I had been interested in working on-air since I was 15 years old and one day just made up my mind that is what I was going to do despite strong family objections. I haven't regretted it once!

Over the years I've worked mostly country formats in major market radio with an average listener base of over 150,000 very loyal listeners. I love to make people laugh, I love to entertain, I love music and have an extensive background in classic country.

I've always been told that I have a natural gift of gab. Give me a mic, some decent music and an air-wave and I'll keep you entertained. I've been described as a witty woman filled with humor, sarcasm and attitude.

Formerly known as "Becky Rose"

Growing up I always wanted to be a Firefighter/Paramedic or a long haul truck driver/mechanic. In my early teen years, I used to dream of graduating from WYO Tech in Laramie, Wyo. I wanted to someday own and operate a shiny black, KW Conventional with duel stacks.

Some of my favorite hobbies and interests include:

* Photography/Videography

* Journalism/News

* Harley Motorcycles

* Helping friends and family work on cars/trucks/motorcycles and race cars

* Classic hot rods(My dream car is a Jet Black 1966 2dr Chevelle Malibu, jacked up in the back with a six pack hood scoop. I'd put a 455 Pontiac in it- yes you read that right... Pontiac....cause its my favorite motor)

* I love to drive. (When I'm stressed, hand me my keys and a big cup of fresh coffee and get outta my way!)

* There nothing much much better than getting up really early in the morning and taking a thermos of fresh, hot coffee to the mountains or beach and watching the sun come up.

* Protecting and promoting Patriotism

* Protecting and promoting the second amendment

* Honoring Heroes

* Writing

* Circle dirt track- stock car racing is my favorite sport. I want to either run an "Outlaw" or a "Figure 8" car of my own (Favorite track Willamette Speedway in Lebanon OR)

NASCAR is cool but nothing compared to a good circle dirt track!

Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: Coffee (Second favorite food: Italian)

If I was rich, I'd learn how to fly a helicopter and airplane! One day, I am determined to ride in a fighter jet! Yes I am a true adrenalin junkie, always have been- always will be!

Some of the previous radio stations that Ive worked at are:

650 KUUY in Cheyenne Wyo (No longer on air due to IRS removing them for unpaid taxes)
99.9 KRKT in Albany OR
103.7 KXPC now in Albany OR (formerly in Lebanon OR)
720 KFIR in Sweethome OR