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Playing the best in smooth jazz, great vocals and latin flavours! Featuring classic jazz from the Great American Songbook as well as rare tunes the world forgot. If you like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong you will love our program. Enjoy!

About Mike Hayes

Hello, My name is Mike Hayes … I’m a professional musician with a passion for music … in particular jazz music; I have an extensive jazz collection on CD and vinyl that covers everything from the early 20′s up to present day.

The Reminiscing radio program is a natural progression for me from my early days of spending countless hours listening and doing ‘blindfold’ tests with my brother.

We would scour all the music industry magazines looking for warehouse sales and buy as many jazz records as we could afford, I’m sure the customs people must have thought we were running a music store, we imported hundreds of records!

Collecting the records was just the beginning; the real fun was listening to these records over and over until we could name who was playing on the track, what the song title was and who wrote the tune … all this played an invaluable part in my development as a musician as well as enriching my life.

Reminiscing was created with this sense of adventure and discovery in mind; the program features laid back, relaxed, downtempo jazz from various schools of jazz including, swing, blues and bossa nova anything with a great feel and beautiful melody!

My goal is to present the very best quality jazz … music that communicates, music that tells a story and most importantly music with feel.

Thanks for listening!

Mike Hayes

Reminiscing .. music to relax and unwind from your busy day!