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An anthology of new wave and alternative music from the late 70's to the early 90's. | www.extremely80s.com | Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/extremely80s

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Dear Listener,

My name is Bryce, and I am excited that you are reading this! If you love alternative music from the 80's, you will truly love this station!

So here's a little bit about me. In short, I love music. All kinds of music, really. My favorite kinds of music tend to be electronically based with a lot of bleeps, bloops and other synthesized sounds. This is probably due to my growing up during the 80's, and throroughly engulfing myself in the new wave and alternative music of the time. Since this music is so exciting to me, it is only natural that I have a strong desire to share my love of this kind of music with anyone and everyone... especially you!

For a long time, especially during my youth, I wanted to be a radio disc jockey. When I was very young, my brother (Mr. A of KCIX Internet Radio) built a small, homemade FM transmitter. We would spend hours on end broadcasting to the world. Well, the world within about a one block radius. We had no listeners, but we didn't care...we had a blast! Eventually our lives moved on, and the FM transmitter fell apart.

Enter Live365.com. I now had a new way to share music with the world...and not within a one block radius either! On Feb. 26th, 2001, Extremely 80's was born!

Well, I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I do! Thanks a million for stopping by and listening, and I'll see ya soon!


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