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Chicago station that plays the best in underground music & Old School Chicago dance classics. Artists and DJ's are welcome to submit music for possible airplay, send us an email

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Raised: Chicago, Illinois Spins: Electro, EDM, House, Progressive, Trance, Old School Dance Classics, Disco, High Energy, Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B, Raeggeton, Bachatta- anything with a funky beat I grew up on the near north side of Chicago which for the most part was a heavily Hispanic area and not a great neighborhood to grow up in at the time. I came from a modest home with 2 parents that had to work for a living. Gangs were rampant in the neighborhood and there were easily many ways a young boy could end up in trouble but I chose to keep my nose clean and stay far away from that sort of lifestyle. I would say that by involving myself into the music is what kept me out of trouble and would set the tone for my upbringing. I had a love for music at an early age and I actually bought my first records when I was 10 years old. I went to the local record store with about 10 dollars in my pocket and not a clue knowing what I was going to get. I was bitten by the “DJ bug” when I was 12 years old while tuning in for the first time to 102.7WBMX. It was a station that played “Hot Mixes” on Saturday nights from a crew called the “Hot Mix 5”. This I would say would be my most cherished and favorable memory of my youth. I totally fell in love with the music and the way these DJ’s were able to manipulate the records and perform tricks and scratches. I knew that I wanted to be as good as they were so I quickly learned the ins and outs of being a DJ. I bought my first set of turntables at the age of 13 from an older friend in the neighborhood; they were a set of Technics 100’s with belt drives. I learned quickly how to beat match “Mix” and perform some basic tricks like phasing, repeating, and scratching. I quickly built my record collection with all the latest tunes available and went mobile doing mostly house parties and private parties for friends. Although I didn’t make much money doing this but the experience that I picked up playing in front of crowds was invaluable to me. If I had to sum up my goals in music it would be to turn professional one day and play to different venues all over the world. I have a deep need to express myself musically and to interpret my feelings through my music and bring that to the people. My personal goal in life is to help others, whether it is through giving advice or giving of myself it definitely would be helping others. Music for me is a feeling and an extension of my body. It’s what moves me and inspires me; it’s what keeps me sane when times are tough and what keeps me going every time I feel that I can’t accomplish something. For all the music lovers out there- “LET THE BASS KICK”

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Hi all, This is your boy (DJ De La T)Eduardo De La Torre broadcasting from Chicago, Illinois the birthplace of House music and home to some of the best DJ's and artists in the world. We will be bringing you some of the best underground music as well as some bangin' mixes. We have weekend mixshows on Friday's nights beginning at 6pm central time. Please drop us a line and tell us what you think. Guest DJ's and artists are welcome to submit music for possible airplay on the station. Drop us a line for more information.