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Hear the jazzy sounds of the season on this segment. Guaranteed to make you jolly!

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Hi friends, my name is Curtis and I am the master chef at Curt's Cafe Noir. I am a former New York Jazz and Soul radio DJ, now located in North Carolina. I am also a committed Christian and an ordained minister. Additionally, I am a columnist and regular contributor for Eric Nemeyer's Jazz Inside and the NY Jazz Guide; two of the best jazz publications around. I consider my station to be my Jazz living room, where I get to have lots of friends in from all over the world, drink great coffee and share some Jazz classics and music from artists that I've discovered and I just can't keep to myself. I hope that you'll pour a cup and join me!

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Greetings jazz people!

Shame on me for not updating this space in about 18 months but you know - things happen. I'm very grateful that you've decided to stop by Curt's Cafe for a while. As you've figured out, we're not a restaurant or club but a place to listen to great jazz of the straight ahead variety. We try to mix the classics with some of the best stuff from today's artists. If you stay awhile you're sure to find something that you enjoy.On Monday - Friday we also have special shows during the U.S. evening hours featuring classics from some of the great jazz record labels and from great vocalists and ladies of jazz. Our overall mission is to make a liar out of those who insist that "jazz is dead".

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Yours in jazz,