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Dec. 15th - 31st, 2014: New Gothsicles, KMFDM, Bella Morte, Mlada Fronta, Headdreamer, Zero Degree, ES23, Noir, Atomzero, Zinovia, TechDiff, Swarm Intelligence, Legend, Sequential Access, Black Nail Cabaret, and much more!

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Cypher got his start as a club DJ in Washington, DC in 1995 where he was resident DJ for BOUND DC, as well as for The Dark Wave Lounge. In 1999, he moved to Hartford and, together with Damzelfly, hosted and spun at BOUND Hartford. At this time, he also began as resident DJ for Contempt NYC, which has grown into New York's largest monthly gothic/industrial dance party, and launched his radio program Dark Nation Radio, which now airs on 91.5 WMHW Mt. Pleasant, MI. Cypher's guest spots include four appearances at Philadelphia's famous Dracula's Ball, Ghoulschool in Hollywood, Zenwarp in NYC, The Venus Room in Ft. Lauderdale, The Dawning in Charlottesville, VA, and Machine in Boston. Concert tours he has booked include Front Line Assembly,Haujobb, Velvet Acid Christ, Seraphim Shock, Judith, Gitane Demone, Bella Morte, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and the Blackout A.D. tour featuring Faith & the Muse. E-mail cypher at

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DJ cypher's Dark Nation Radio Online Dec. 15th - 31st, 2014 3Teeth, “Master of Decay” (Aesthetic Perfection remix) A Dying User, “Dead and Used” Accolate, “Bleeding Cry” Alter der Ruine, “Leviathan” Altered, “Like April Fools” AlterRed, “A Different Face” Antigen Shift, “Reborn1130” Atiq & EnK, “Revival” (remastered) Atomzero, “MisDirection” Autoclav 1.1, “Spanner Line” Autumn, “How It Came To Be This Way” Avarice in Audio, “The Cassandra Complex” The Beautiful Dead, “(I’ll Be) Lost and Found” Bella Morte, “Water Through Sand” Black Nail Cabaret, “Satisfaction” (People Theatre’s care mix) Cocksure, “Drug-A-Bug” Cygnets, “Born in Vain” Dirk Geiger, “Closer” Disharmony, “Hypercommunity” (Plamodium remix) Diverje, “Romance is Dead” (Autoclav 1.1 remix) Double Eyelid, “The Quick and the Damned” E-Craft, “Book of Anger v.1.0” Echo & the Bunnymen, “The Game” Elias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission, “Wie ein Flimmern” ES23, “What If” Everything Goes Cold, “Henchman Follows Hand” Frontal Boundary, “Recurring Nightmare” GoFight, “The Funk” The Gothsicles, “Drop Dead, Squid Face!” Har Belex, Der Akerbeltz” Headdreamer, “Look at the Mirror” (SD remix) Judith, “Indolence” KMFDM, “Salvation” Laboratory 5, “Toxic Asylum” Legend / Solstafir, “Runaway Train” Loss, “Mania” Machinecode, “It’s Time” Marsheaux, “Secret Place” Mercury’s Antennae, “The Way You Purr” Mirabilis, “The City” The Mission, “Sacrilege” Mlada Fronta, “Flash” Mr Kitty, “Labyrinth” My Own Sorrow, “Summoning” Noir, “The Bells” (Interface remix) Novastorm, “Unter deiner Haut” Obsidian FX, “Where the Bloody River Flows” Panic Lift, “Awake” (DeeperNET remix) Paulina Cassidy, “The Trance Pool” Pheromone, “In Your Eyes” Poordream, “Urbanies” Prude, “Cigarette Burn Heart” Sequential Access, “Where Are You” Sigue Sigue Sputnik, “Everybody Loves U” Siouxsie & the Banshees, “Dazzle” Slave Unit, “Tamo [Push]” Star Crusaders, “In the Venusberg” Substaat, “Full Access” Sumerland, “Elfin Girl” Surgyn, “Hit the Nerve” Suspiria, “(Now, We See) the Swine” Swarm Intelligence, “Motionless Sky” Switchblade Symphony, “Soldiers” System Syn, “Blood” Tangent, “Discovery” TechDiff, “Thirteen Acres” (remix by HECQ) This Ascension, “I Wish” (Rivers mix) Tineidae, “Damaged Datastream” Valhall, “Towers Fall” Vaniish, “Cold Fascination” Velvet Acid Christ, “Taste the Sin” Zero Degree, “Beacon” Zinovia, “Blind” (remastered)