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Mar. 15th - 31st: NEW Eisbrecher, Gang of Four, Regenerator, Sister Machine Gun, The Gothsicles, The Dreaming, Go Fight, Disharmony, and more!!!

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Cypher got his start as a club DJ in Washington, DC in 1995 where he was resident DJ for BOUND DC, as well as for The Dark Wave Lounge. In 1999, he moved to Hartford and, together with Damzelfly, hosted and spun at BOUND Hartford. At this time, he also began as resident DJ for Contempt NYC, which has grown into New York's largest monthly gothic/industrial dance party, and launched his radio program Dark Nation Radio, which now airs on 91.5 WMHW Mt. Pleasant, MI. Cypher's guest spots include four appearances at Philadelphia's famous Dracula's Ball, Ghoulschool in Hollywood, Zenwarp in NYC, The Venus Room in Ft. Lauderdale, The Dawning in Charlottesville, VA, and Machine in Boston. Concert tours he has booked include Front Line Assembly,Haujobb, Velvet Acid Christ, Seraphim Shock, Judith, Gitane Demone, Bella Morte, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and the Blackout A.D. tour featuring Faith & the Muse. E-mail cypher at

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DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio March 15-31st, 2015 Playlist Anathema Device, “Today’s Masquerade” Android Lust, “The Want” (Existence/Non-existence remix) Architect, “The Bitch is Back” (Dsx remix) Arts of Erebus, “On the Edge of Insanity” (Single mix) Assemblage 23, “Drive” Astrovamps, “Skull Love” Atrocity, “Send Me an Angel” Autoclav 1.1, “If Not Something, Anything” Autumn, “The End of the Line” The Beauty of Gemina, “Voices of Winter” The Birthday Massacre, “Cover My Eyes” Bloody Dead and Sexy, “Bloody Rose” Boytronic, “Little Italian Feeling” (Days of Fate remix) The Cassandra Complex, “Dion Fortune” Chiasm, “Incision” Collide, “In the Frequency” (Chris Vrenna remix) Cubanate, “Hinterland” Cyanide Regime, “Memorial” Depeche Mode, “Lie to Me” Despirator, “Nightrise” The Dreaming, “Kisses Like Death” Ego Likeness, “Hydra” Eisbrecher, “1000 Narben” Filament 38, “Interface” Flint Glass, “Collapser” (Tribe Deus remix) Gang of Four, “Isle of Dogs” Gild the Mourn, “Shade” The Gothsicles, “Death Touch” (VanDamanator mi by God Module” IAMX, “You Can Be Happy” (Combichrist remix) In Strict Confidence, “Seven Lies” Informatik, “Nothing Greater” Intent:Outtake, “Let Me Be” Libitina, “Painted Whiter Than White” Max Lilja, “Revelation” Melotron, “Kein Problem” Mordacious, “Dark Prince” Motorbaby, “Submerged” Nitzer Ebb, “Fitness to a Purpose” Noise Process, “Sufphoric” Null Device, “Footfalls” (Stromkern remix) Oneiroid Psychosis, “Succubi” Phenotract, “Freezetime” Pig, “Prayer, Praise & Profit” Plasmodiivm, “Hypercommunity” (Displacer remix) Psyclon Nine, “Heartworm” Regenerator, “Slave” Rhea’s Obsession, “Between Earth & Sky” Seabound, “Traitor” Sister Machine Gun, “Insect” Sumerland, “Colosso” System Syn, “Everything to Everyone” The Teknois, “Full Metal Technoist” TOD, “Time Machine” Trepaneringsritualen, “Veil the World” Voices of Masada, “Flight” YelworC, “Reason of Refusal” Zeromancer, “Fade to Black”