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July 15th - 31st: NEW Juno Reactor, Kervorkian Death Cycle, Stendeck, Qntal, Gang of Four, Wumpscut, Xsodect, Velvet Acid Christ, Synthetic Dream Foundation, Autoclav 1.1, Eisbrecher, DEathproof, Braindance, Pig, Sieben, and much more!!!,

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Cypher got his start as a club DJ in Washington, DC in 1995 where he was resident DJ for BOUND DC, as well as for The Dark Wave Lounge. In 1999, he moved to Hartford and, together with Damzelfly, hosted and spun at BOUND Hartford. At this time, he also began as resident DJ for Contempt NYC, which has grown into New York's largest monthly gothic/industrial dance party, and launched his radio program Dark Nation Radio, which now airs on 91.5 WMHW Mt. Pleasant, MI. Cypher's guest spots include four appearances at Philadelphia's famous Dracula's Ball, Ghoulschool in Hollywood, Zenwarp in NYC, The Venus Room in Ft. Lauderdale, The Dawning in Charlottesville, VA, and Machine in Boston. Concert tours he has booked include Front Line Assembly,Haujobb, Velvet Acid Christ, Seraphim Shock, Judith, Gitane Demone, Bella Morte, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and the Blackout A.D. tour featuring Faith & the Muse. E-mail cypher at

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DJ cypher's Dark Nation Radio Online Playlist (alphabetical) July 15th - 31st, 2015 http://www.live365.com/stations/cypheractive And One, "Driving With My Darling" Art of Noise, "Close (to the Edit)" Assemblage 23, "Crosstalk" Autoclav 1.1, "Short Pier" Bella Morte, "The Dark" Black Atmosphere, "Bridge of Change" Blossom, "White Deer" Braindance, "Eye of the Storm" Cervello Elettronico, "Provocateur" Chant, "Adoration" Cocksure, "Drug-A-Bug" The Cure, "Closedown" Dead Hand Projekt, "Cut Throat" Deathproof, "Bloodrush" Depeche Mode, "Broken" Deviant UK, "Cracks Start to Show" Disharmony, "Retrospect" (vlna2 remix) The Dreaming, "Afraid" Eisbrecher, "Rot Wie Die Liebe" ESA, "Absolute Fury (In Its Very Fabric)" Empty, "Drift" Encephalon, "Ultimate Breed" ES23, "Enjoy the Light" Flesh Field, "I Go Crazy" Flint Glass, "Collapser" (Tribe Deus remix) Gang of Four, "Isle of Dogs" Gingersnap5, "Distant Star" Gore Tech, "In Exilium" Headdreamer, "Darkland" (Huron remix) Imperative Reaction, "Drown" Information Society, "The Prize" Iris, "Phenom" (club) Ish, "Fragments of Life" Juno Reactor, "Final Frontier" (Extrawelt remix) Kervorkian Death Cycle, "Deconstruction" London After Midnight, "Psychomagnet" Lyronian, "Crisis" M.O.A.T.A. Omen, "(Y) Our Nightmares" Mangadrive, "Absolute Terror Field" Marsheaux, "August Day" Massenhysterie, "1000 Rote Rosen" Max Lilja, "Black Lava" Mechanical Moth, "Gute Vibrationen" (Chainreactor remix) Mesh, "Adjust Your Set Ma Bose" (extended) Mind.In.A.Box, "No Hope" Mindless Faith, "Leachate" Noir, "Timephase" (Die Sektor remix) nTTx, "New Dress 2015" Oxyd, "Modulation" Oyaarss, "Brustwart" Philip Polk Palmer, "Down the River" vs. Primative Race, "Long in the Tooth" Psyclon Nine, "Lamb of God" Qntal, "Tenacious Love" Remora, "The Doctor's Wife" SB-Six, "Need2Be" Seneptika, "Dance With Me" Sentinel of Eternity, "Cyberia" Sieben, "Uzupis" Snog, "Late Twentieth-Century Boy" Soman, "Absolution" Stars Crusaders, "Mothership" (RobDust remix) Stendeck, "Come to Me, Close Your Eyes..." Swarm Intelligence, "Destroyer" The Synthetic Dream Foundation, "In Letters of Black Night" Tangent, "INterpolating Waves" Unheilig, "Puppenspieler" Velvet Acid Christ, "Christ Whore" (God Module mix) VNV Nation, "Photon" Voltaire, "Goodnight Demonslayer" Von Magnet, "Electroflamenco" White Lies, "Death" Wumpscut, "Rattengift" (2nd face mix) [x] - Rx, "Drums bass drugs and Noize" Xsodect, "Downshift" Zombie Girl, "Go Zombie" 3Teeth, "Pearls 2 Swine" (Mr. Skeleton remix)