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Lounge & easy listening with shorter skirts and longer sideburns. Plus soundtracks that swing.

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My name is Dave. I live in Brooklyn, NY. Some of my favorite memories as a kid involved staying home from school either sick or playing hookie, because I would get to watch the 1:00 movie on KSTW (then KTNT) 11 in Olympia, WA. It was a gold mine of 60s schlock. My favorite were the detective movies. In these movies (usually from Universal) there was a nearly always a scene with, say, Frank Sinatra, James Coburn or Lee Marvin playing a detective who'd have to visit a (usually scantily-clad female) informant who worked at, say, a strip club. Or a drug den. Or a warehouse LSD party. I used to pray that these scenes would last forever because I LOVED the music playing in the background. It was sort of this psuedo-psychedelic instrumental orchestral rock & roll music. I couldn't get enough of it. To a kid from rural Washington State, it represented style and sophistication. This was how the jet set lived. This station is dedicated to that music. Enjoy. And if anyone can tell me where I can find a recording of Dionne Warwick singing the John Williams version of Valley of the Dolls, I'd love you forever. I'm stuck with Dory Previn singing the movie version or Dionne singing her album release version, neither of which is good.

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