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Christian Music Corner, Why I do this? :-) am a Born Again Christian that loves music that glorifies the Lord Jesus. Learned to trust in the Lord Jesus as my Savior and have always been blessed with Christian Music. Raised on the Old Hymns and Southern Gospel music, and love all types of Christian music now. I am blessed by Gospel, Hymns, Praise and Worship Music, Contemporary Christian Music, Gospel, and just about any music that lifts praises to the Lord. I stumbled onto 365 after much prayer for a way to reach family and friends with Christian music that I hope will bless you as it does me. Please stay a while and join me in singing His praises. "Sing unto the Lord a new song" John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life" What does it mean to be "Born Again?" Do you know the Good News of Jesus Christ? If not, write to me at and I will share the good news with you. Please write and let me know if you are blessed with the music, or to request music, also starting to broadcast sermons and debates in evening hours, please feel free to send me good sermons, or a new Christian artist in mp3 form to my email address, I would love to play the music on our station to encourage new artist in the Lord. Love in Christ, Diane

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Praise the Lord! Christian Music Corner nominated Top 10 in Christian stations as Best of Live365..... Help us keep Christian Music on the Internet by sending the link of our station to friends and family. Visitors can expect to hear all types of Christian Music. Whatever touches my heart, I will play and pray it blesses anyone listening, I also include the music that you vote as favorite. Always interested in hearing from Christians, so please write and tell me your testimony, thoughts, prayers, and requests. Check out the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry at New artist, will still help, if you send your CD's or mp3's to my email address We also broadcast internet debates, sermons and good Bible teaching by requests during evening hours. Please write, and let me know if you listen and are blessed. If you know of a new Christian artist, email about sending the CD or MP3. God Bless, Diane