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We love Underground House Music! Our radio presents the latest tunes & true House Classics ranging from Deep House to Tech House. With DJ mixes! Created in Berlin, broadcasted from California! Website: dirtymindmusic.com, Blog: blog.dirtymindmusic.com

About Joe Landen & Ulla Maria

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About Joe and his radio project

After allowing radio stations to wear his nerves over too many years, Joe Landen in summer 2008 decided to set up his own station. This resulted in DIRTY MIND MUSIC – a free Internet radio station dedicated solely to the best of electronic music, or more precisely: to house music.

Joe runs the Internet radio as an ambitious hobby project, supported by many friends, DJs and artist managements. His regular occupation actually is that of designer. But his taste in music is now spreading across the entire globe at an incredible pace with the aid of Internet radio provider "live365". "I have a broadcasting package with webspace at a really fair price, which I am able to feed with audio content from my laptop at home," Joe explains. "Live365 takes care of the technology and the community, I arrange the radio programme".

And he does so with success: Listeners give DIRTY MIND MUSIC a score of 9 from 10 points. After only 3 months, DIRTY MIND MUSIC already ranked 5th amongst 115 house stations on live365. After 11 months, it reached position no 2 of meanwhile 121 stations, making DIRTY MIND MUSIC one of the top newcomers on live365. And all without any budget for advertising.

The radio starts to get attention in the music biz: in january 2010 the exclusive mix from DJ Martial White becomes featured mix on mixcloud. From march to october 2010 DIRTY MIND MUSIC is the only featured station in the house sector of the live365 website. The global fan base grows and grows, including the legendary DJ George Morel and Founder/CEO of Digitally Imported Ari Shohat.

And where are the roots of this success? Well, of course in the music selection. "There are many radio stations and house music stations, but I have not once come across one that plays only the best house music on a consistent basis. Of course they all claim to do so, but seriously, if you have a listen to a house station, the first song might be quite good, but the quality deteriorates with the second or third at the latest, it becomes too commercial, too uncool or even leaves the house genre entirely. We play the full range of house: vocal, uplifting, progressive, minimal etc. And only songs at a high artistic level, not simply boom boom." That appeals to people, not only the in-scene crowd, but also listeners whose taste is "ordinary" music and perhaps for the first time learn what house music really is – and that it definitely does not include Scooter.

Joe has been part of the electronic-music scene since the early 90s and has been able to establish many contacts over the years of which he now benefits. "Many DJs, record labels and artist managements supply me with the latest music productions and above all with DJ mixes. Every week we have a new “Dirty Mind Mix” in our programme, by well-known artists such as Nic Fanciulli, Moguai, Thomas Schumacher, Tim Green, Rodriguez Jr or by newcomers whom we want to give an opportunity to present their sound to an international audience perhaps for the first time...

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DIRTY MIND MUSIC: Joe Landen & Ulla Maria
DIRTY MIND MUSIC: Joe Landen & Ulla Maria
This is DIRTY MIND MUSIC - the web house radio

DIRTY MIND MUSIC is our non-profit project made out of passion for House Music. We are living in Berlin, the capital of electronic music. With our station we are sharing the music we personally love! If you want to support our radio, please become a VIP listener here and tune in to DIRTY MIND MUSIC. As a VIP you enjoy ALL Live365 stations without commercials. In our case: pure music, no talking. Oh yes! We welcome you to our musical journey around the globe!

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