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The station that every salsa dancer should listen to. Hard core salsa and latin jazz; pure old school rhythm played by bands from all over the world to start your party at home.

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Salsa, salsa! As a lover of salsa and of Cuban music from the early 70’s and currently of Latin Jazz, this magical sound, based on African and European elements mixed in Cuba from the start giving origin to the traditional Cuban music, jumped to Puerto Rico, Mexico and New York, where it has become universally known as SALSA. Obviously the evolution of this genre strongly pointed to the north where for many reasons (which we will not discuss here) facilitated its development. Looking toward the south, one of those countries where it had a great impact was Colombia, my birth country, where the salsa tradition in the 70’s became rooted in Barranquilla and Cali, recognized as number two worldwide due to the numerous salsa orchestras that visit through out the year as well as for the number of national orchestras that originate there. Additionally the passion that developed for “vinyls” or LP collections is also important in the “Caleña” culture. From this passion for the “vinyl” collections, exists (Medellin, Colombia) a group called “LOS COCACOLOS” with a membership of around 60 and which I am a member of. The group meets two and on occasions three times a month to exchange, learn and at times to boast about salsa, Cuban music and Latin Jazz. No other metropolis in the world(Cali, Colombia) celebrates a five day event dedicated only and exclusively to the LP (vinyl); an event that agglomerates more than 2,000 persons at a small park to witness more than 100 disc jockeys on stage. I repeat, 2,000 persons that get together and not even with a promise of seeing an orchestra. One city, Cali, where there are six FM radio stations that broadcasts salsa, 24/7, and the same can be found on AM where some of the stations are dedicated to promote this musical genre. From Cali and participating in these types of events described above, I have been able to accumulate a great deal of music that has enriched my collection due to my multiple trips to New York, which fortunately has lead me to understand the various forms of dancing and to entice the salsa dancers at the night clubs where I work, forgetting completely of the salsa “monga” ( tasteless salsa). I have had the experience of working a few times in the Washington D.C. area where rave commentaries have been made regarding my musical style basically focusing in educating the salsa lover and keeping “busy” the salsa dancer. My style really moves with the rhythm of the night, beginning with slow themes as “warm up” and then elevating the “temperature” with a beat much faster, pausing frequently in the cha cha cha. I hope you'll enjoy from my playlists; I'd love to have your feedback.QUE VIVA LA SALSA DURA! Oscar Bravo

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