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I was born and raised in Dallas Texas--a great place to be in radio. I graduated from Plano West High School in 2007 and American Broadcast School in 2008. I have been announcing songs since I was five years old and received a Sony toy microphone and tape player from my uncle. I love music and became a fan during the Spice Girls era. When I was nine I met the personalities at KISS-FM and decided that radio was my life. Since I have cerebral palsy and am in a wheelchair, I became convinced that the one thing that really worked was my mouth, so I should use it. I love interacting with people and promoting good music. My first job was assisting the DJ at Planet Kidz in Plano. The crowds, the excitement, the music--what a rush! I work part-time at KLAK 97.5 FM in McKinney doing promotions. Doing internet radio allows me the chance to create my own shows with the music I love. My favorite artists are Pink, Black-Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Akon, Beyonce, Usher, Faith Hill, and Britney Spears. I love good dance music of any kind--Yeah!, Hey Mama, Freak a-leak. I also have my own DJ business, doing dances and events.

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