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Apres Ski, On The Water, or Behind Your Desk... Sun

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Me (circa 1979) at my 1st
DJ job, the roller rink
Photo courtesy of Tracy Velandra

First of all, I'm a music (all music) lover... I need my tunes!
And, I'm a Special Event & Club DJ.

This station is really just a hobby.  I work with computers a lot, so I wanted to have a way to hear music I like anytime I wanted, wherever I might be.  The original idea was to have Steely Dan played non-stop, 24 hours; then I discovered, after I bought my station, that one is not allowed to do that... For the public anyways.  So, from Nov. 2006 (when I bought the station) till mid Feb. 2007 only I could hear my station, and all the Steely Dan that was on it.  Pretty selfish huh?

Well, that finally got boring, so I decided to work on a concept and play list for a station that could be listed for the public to hear.

The concept I decided on is a station that plays songs I like to hear at the end of the day when I'm in the mountains/hills (hence the 'ski'), or on the water (hence the 'sun').  These are tunes that I also like to hear other times, but that are generally not played often.  I quickly realized that a lot of these songs are from the 70's, so that would be the focal point of my play list...
And, it's a very new one at that; I'm changing it way more frequently than I anticipated.

Now, it's a hobby that has a decent amount of my attention, so I am gratified when people listen, and enjoy it.  Hopefully, soon, I will add more 'space' to put many more hours of music on here.  At some point in the future, I may also do some live sets.
So, as they say, 'stay tuned'!

My full music library consists of, approximately:
2000 CD's, 3000 Albums & 12" Dance Remixes (including some rare early Detroit techno discs), and 4500 45's covering all genres of music, right up to today's hits... I'm one of those people who prefer vinyl to cd, so I will still buy albums, when/if the artists release them on vinyl (you might be surprised how many actually still do; i.e. Donald Fagen, Pearl Jam, & White Stripes most recently).

However, should you feel inspired to inquire; I'm not interested in buying your vinyl collection (lol).
You know; most kids collected baseball cards, comic books & Hot Wheels... Stuff that sells for hundreds, and even thousands of dollars these days.
I collected music (still do).

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May 18, 2007 - Program Update:

Modified the playlist today...