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Enter the Zone. This set will take you through the night with a tasty mix of classic slow jams, jazzy joints and new school ballads. So, grab your lover and Zone Out. It's RBanga!'s Love Zone.

About RBanga! & Slick 90

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, RBanga! has been DJ'ing since he was 7 years old. Showing an affinity toward music and the sharing of music, being a broadcaster comes naturally to RBanga!. The reason for launching this vehicle is simple, at RBP (RBanga! Productions), we have a mission to make a major contribution to the creation and the preservation of real music, by real musicians, for real music lovers. The impetus for pushing this radio station is our flagship show, Sips-N-Tips, co-hosted by Slick 90 and Rashinique N-Da Hot Seat and Dj'd by RBanga! Sips-N-Tips (originally named Southern Brew) was born out of Slick and Banga!'s love of music and their desire to turn others on to the best that music has to offer today. Friends and Brothers for over 30 years, these two musicologists have backgrounds in being musicians, producing music, and managing local artists in the Houston area. These two Kappa Alpha Psi Brothers also have very strong opinions on society and the effect of music on people. Rashinique adds extra juice and over 15 years of broadcasting experience to the Brew. These personalities and their encyclopedic knowledge of music makes their show, Sips-N-Tips a VERY exciting and engaging listen. Tune in each and every Friday night to hear the newest live and UnKut episodes of Sips-N-Tips, with replays throughout the week! It's going down, right here at WRBP: The Southern Brew!