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THE ONLY MUSIC THAT MATTERED! 1974-2014 ONLY the BEST songs of ONLY the BEST punk, ska, new wave, power pop, proto-punk, indie, lo-fi, britpop, garage, riot grrl and grunge.

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THE ONLY MUSIC THAT MATTERED! (1974-2014) I fell in love with rock as a child and dabbled in radio at college (I loved coming up with song "sets"). While I was influenced by all of rock's eras, my passion was ignited by the punk/new wave movement of the late 70's. This movement spawned an alternative music scene that was as exciting as it was fun, which extended through the 80's and into the 90's and 00's. The sad truth, however, was that the radio and record industry was still consumed with promoting the mainstream super-bands of the 60's and 70's. In this environment, the exposure of these fine alternative bands was limited and erratic and often led to their premature demise. Their brilliance inspired other bands, though, and eventually, the music industry gave up on the "dinosaur" bands and embraced the "alternative". Now, indie/alternative is going strong (even if it is out of the mainstream again). In the meantime, this wonderful body of work begs to be played. I thought I'd give it a try.

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THE ONLY MUSIC THAT MATTERED! (1974-2014) Punk, new wave, ska, power-pop,proto-punk, grunge,lo-fi, indie, britpop, garage, riot grrls, alternative-so many labels, so many styles. My aim was to collect the absolute BEST of that music from 1974, which marked the birth of punk, though 1995, which is when "alternative" seemed to come full circle as the new mainstream and into 2014 by which time all of it has slipped back again into the background. (Original station incarnation was 1975-95). Think of this as a "primer" for an explosive music scene that unjustly received very little play on the radio. Since I grew up in an era of great DJ's who took pride in their song "sets", I do my best to arrange the tunes in a way that honors their style. There may not be equal representation because some bands made 20 great songs, which should all be heard, while others only came up with 1 or 2 gems. Nor do all the songs decreed "new wave hits" by the radio industry get airplay on this station (although I have my share of guilty pleasures). Some pre-1974 influential songs have been snuck in as well. While I admit that I do have an aversion to most techno and ballads, and I certainly can't tell the difference between a brilliant lyric and an inane one, I DO know a great tune when I hear it. So sit back and listen to the brilliant melodies emerging from the wall of guitar sound, or smile at the killer pop hooks, or dance to the irresistible beat but remember - PLAY IT LOUD!-----------------------------------------------------------NEW TUNES FROM 2014! Random Shuffle when you least expect it!-------------------------------- THE ONLY MUSIC THAT MATTERED! | Promote Your Page Too