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Metal, classic metal and hard rock. AC/DC, Slayer, Beastie Boys, Sex Pistols, Metallica, Ozzy, Pantera, etc.!

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This is a fun hobby of mine that I've been doing since 1992 at various radio stations. The internet made royalty rights tricky real fast, and whether you love or hate the impact Napster and others had on music file sharing, Live365 is here to save my butt from any ASCAP or BMI issues. So happy to be here and thanks for listening! My email is, so please provide feedback! What do you love, what do you hate? Let me know! Oh, and one other thing. In the end you shall all bow to me, the MIGHTY DOOM!

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When two wrongs don't make a right, try a third I always say. Greetings People Of the Doominican and welcome to the Electric we head towards one of the best holidays in the world we'll be hearing more and more tunes from the greatest country in the history of Ever. It'll get progressively more and more American sounding the closer we get to July 4th...enjoy! Also during this week, Killer Be Killed will find themselves face down, Whitechapel will welcome the deep south, and A7X will tribute St. James...and speaking of America the new one from a band that consists of Mudvayne's Chad Gray, Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell, and former Pantera and Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul.....Bad Ass Dude! Blood for Blood! New song is called Sangre Por Sangre....and HELLYEAH is haing a Seat In the Electric Chair!