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A freeform homage to the original Marconi Experiment

About Bill B.

I have been fascinated with radio since my pre-teen years. In 1975, I got the opportunity to get myself on WCVH-FM, the station licensed to Hunterdon Central High School in Flemington, NJ. I did Friday nights there, pretty much 52 weeks a year for a long time. More recently, mostly security considerations made it impossible for me to do my show if the school was closed, so the total dropped. It also meant summers off. My last show there was mid June, 2008. I expected to return in September, but the board decided to limit access to students and staff, leaving volunteers out. My solution was to take the show on the internet. Makes for limitations in that I'm used to having 3 CD players and 2 turntables and now all I have is 2 virtual turntables and a CD player. Computer actually has 2 CD drives, but if I try to use both, they screw each other up. Long term, I plan to have everything on the computer. I also plan to eliminate all the 'edited for radio' tracks and replace them with the originals. Working from my office has a downside: noise. The computer is noisy and I haven't been able to keep the wife and dogs quiet, so expect some ambiance that I can't control. I plan to try to keep it as immediate as it was on the air, but on the second show already, I edited out a screw-up. Photo was, of course, "photoshopped". Those other guys aren't DJs. (Apologies to Teddy for replacing him.)